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A Walk in the Forest that Changed My Life

At the time, my life was really good. I had a great job as Assistant Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine. I had an excellent circle of friends, an apartment I liked and I enjoyed living in Boston. I loved a man named Jim and he loved me. Having recently gone through a painful divorce, I deeply valued Jim’s love, his kindness and his support. There was only one major challenge: Jim lived in California and we were both sick of being in a long distance relationship.

No problem, I figured. Jim liked Boston. He’d lived there as a post-doc at MIT. I’d go to California, help him recognize how it obviously made most sense for him to move back East, and he would come to live with me.

Imagine my shock and chagrin, when Jim informed me that, though he really wanted to create a future together with me, Massachusetts was out of the question. He’d tried hard to find a job there after his post-doc and opportunities simply did not exist in his field.

We both agreed that this long distance thing could go on no longer. If we were to remain together, I’d have to leave my life in Boston and move out west to live with him.

I was plunged into turmoil and confusion. I loved my life in Boston, but I also loved Jim. Starting over professionally was a daunting prospect and I’d certainly miss my friends. I didn’t want to lose Jim, but I knew through painful experience that relationships were never a sure thing. The arguments for and against this move swirled endlessly in my mind, like a crazy cyclone.

I went for a walk that day in a redwood forest to find peace. I didn’t go looking for an answer and I certainly didn’t expect to find one.

But, when I paused for a moment in the silence of that forest, surrounded by those magnificent trees, it came to me as clear as the path that stretched before me through the woods. I needed to move to California to be with Jim. It was as simple as that.

How can I describe the relief that came over me? All confusion dropped away. There was no longer a shred of doubt in my mind. I felt totally comfortable and at home with my decision.

And that decision has created positive outcome in ways I could not have anticipated at the time. 30 years later, Jim and I are still happily married. This is what I’d hoped for. But more than that, I feel certain that within the conservative confines of the Medical School, I would never have pursued the path that has transformed my own life and the lives of so many of my clients, the path of Interactive Imagery.

Perhaps most important, however, at that moment in the redwood forest I discovered a powerful inner resource I knew I could trust, one I’d never known before. I longed to be able to connect more dependably with that source of clarity and inner knowing.

Little did I realize at that moment that the decision I made would open up the way to discover how to do just that and that that discovery would transform my life!

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