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If you long to deepen your connection with Spirit,

If you’re curious to discover the gifts of Inner Wisdom that await you,

If you’d love to come together with other likeminded seekers of

wisdom in a deeply authentic way

Welcome to the
Inner Wisdom Circle

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Come together with like-minded people
to openly share what holds heart and meaning

Connecting with others in an authentic and meaningful way nurtures and sustains us, yet our modern life offers few opportunities for such heart centered connection.

The Inner Wisdom Circle creates this soul level connection with others on a Spirit path. As you share what has heart and meaning, as you give and receive caring and support, you experience the great blessing of closeness and understanding that develops among seekers of wisdom.

linda lyng“I just love when the reminder email arrives, announcing that the next Inner Wisdom Circle will be happening in a few days’ time.  I look forward to uniting again with those who were once strangers on the other end of the phone whom I now consider intimates of my soul. I am eager to connect with Qatana, whose wise guidance helps us explore the symbolic territory of our lives as we move from sharing to journey to sharing again.   The knowledge attained during the journey always provides a vivid ‘soul snapshot’ and reminder of how best to proceed in our external lives. A practiced Shaman, Qatana is able to hold a safe, sacred and transformational space for us to explore, bond, and integrate our new awareness at the deepest level.” - Linda Lyng


Journey within to discover the gifts of Inner Wisdom that await you

An interactive process of guided imagery lies at the heart of every Inner Wisdom Circle. You journey within and, with the guidance and support of your Spirit Guides, encounter gifts of Inner Wisdom to help you

  • Discover strengths you never knew you had
  • Gain fresh perspective that helps you deal skillfully with the challenges life sends you
  • Embrace the unconditional love waiting within you that transforms your relationship with yourself and others
  • Learn that all the guidance you need is waiting for you within
  • Expand the peace, well-being and joy in your life

"It’s wonderful to hear other people on the phone and to be witness to how this process is so amazing and how it enables us to connect with the truth of our being.

Qatana is a very gifted facilitator who clearly has a passion for this, her life’s work. Having worked with her in person, I am both impressed and amazed at how skillfully she has used our modern technology to take this art of connecting to one’s Inner Wisdom into the 21st century.   Though I no longer live close geographically, I am still able to engage in this process and do so from the comfort of my own home or even while travelling.

My life has been enriched by the insights I have gained. Through all of the areas that I have worked on with the Inner Wisdom Circle I have never been disappointed by the answers I have received which always lead me to a deeper place of personal understanding, peace and centeredness from which to live.  Note, ‘always’ and ‘never’ are not words I use frivolously.

Just recently, I had a significant breakthrough on my resistance to marketing.  The guided imagery gave me such a wonderful metaphor for that part of my business, transforming it from one of great distaste to an attitude of ‘Ah, now I see!  I can do this!!’

I urge anyone to join the Circle.  I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. - Caroline P. Bell, PhD (President and CEO PharmaFacts)


joan stewart"I was really struggling with a difficult business relationship and uncertain how to proceed.  Through Qatana's artful guidance in the Inner Wisdom Circle, I was able to gain extremely valuable insight and clarity concerning my issues and the right action to take.  My process through the Wisdom of the Circle led to healing and peace for me in the relationship.  I'm always amazed at how loving and reassuring Inner Wisdom guidance is for me. Thank you, Qatana, for providing a safe place and a consistent space to do such healing work." - Joan Stewart, MSW (


joan stewart"I came to the Circle overwhelmed by too much to do. The wisdom I received during the session showed me how to transition between tasks in my life more consciously and deliberately, as if I were turning the page of a book, instead of trying to do quantum leaps from one thing to another. The impact and rightness of this advice has stayed with me and changed how I move through my very busy days." - Trebbe Johnson, Author, Contributing Editor of Parabola Magazine and Founder and Director of Radical Joy for Hard Times (


Share the gifts you receive to benefit all.

Sharing the gifts of Inner Wisdom you’ve received benefits you and all others in the Circle. Your gratitude grows as

  • Your journey becomes clearer and more powerful when you hear yourself speak it.
  • Facets of your journey you may not have appreciated leap into focus through the comments of others.
  • The wisdom that comes through each member of the Circle benefits every person in the group.
"I find that sharing of my stories and the sharing of the other stories in our circle strengthens and enhances my openness and trust of my own Inner Wisdom and also allows me to draw from others’ wisdom. I learn that everyone has this wisdom and how rich and special the sharing of the wisdom can be." - JS

Over time, your connection with one other and with Spirit deepens.

Deep sharing, loving support and caring, and connection through Spirit – all these create a precious connection that deepens over time. I do my own work in a group that has been meeting for over twenty years. All of us treasure the closeness that has developed as we have shared the journeys of our lives and our inner Spirit journeys through the years.

The Inner Wisdom Circle is an expression of my deep desire to bring this profoundly nourishing experience to others

The Inner Wisdom Circle takes place over the phone!

What could be more convenient than enjoying all of the benefits of the Inner Wisdom Circle in the comfort of your home?

To be honest with you, I was skeptical.

Could the magic energy of connection that emerges in workshop settings be created over the phone? Could people experience deep and meaningful journeys within a brief time frame? Could closeness develop among members when they’ve never met in person?

I started the Inner Wisdom Circle over two years ago to find the answer to these questions.

Here is the great news: the answer is yes, yes and yes!!!

I am so delighted with the Inner Wisdom Circle. I feel so blessed to join with people seeking deeper connection with Spirit, to witness the beauty of their journeys and to experience the love and support that grows among members over time – all over the phone in a remarkably convenient and time-saving way.

I was deeply moved and gratified during a recent sharing in the current Inner Wisdom Circle. All of the members remarked on how well their lives are going. They agreed that this well-being springs from regularly checking in with Inner Wisdom.

It is my deep hope that you will join, so that you can enjoy these blessings, too. Come discover your own gifts of Inner Wisdom while connecting with old friends you have never met! Sign up now!!

"I feel moved and get something out of every single person’s sharing. It’s wonderful that you can use modern technology to bring people together in a way they have gotten together for thousands of years to talk about the things that really matter." - Doris Gallen (

The Inner Wisdom Circle Meets Twice Monthly

‘First and Third Wednesday of the Month 8 PM Eastern Time’

For 60 Minutes (4 Participants) or 90 Minutes (5 or 6 Participants)

Your first month is free!

Join for FREE for the first thirty days. Attend the first two calls. Get a feel for how the program works and how it can serve you. If you decide not to continue, simply cancel within your 30 day trial period. When you choose to stay with the Inner Wisdom Circle, I’ll ask you two questions: ‘What is the value of this for you?’ and ‘What can you comfortably afford?’ Your answers to these questions will determine your financial investment. Of course, you are free to cancel your membership at any time.

To insure that everyone enjoys ample time for sharing,
each Inner Wisdom Circle will be limited to 6 participants!

Interested in the Inner Wisdom Circle but can’t make these days or times?


Click here to learn about future Inner Wisdom Circles as they form

How the Inner Wisdom Circle Works


You come to the call with an issue or challenge you are facing in your life. You also bring your intention. What insight or guidance are you seeking? What is the transformation you need – in your work, in your relationships, in your life? If you have no issue at the moment, bring your curiosity. Inner Wisdom can provide you with unexpected insight when you approach it open to any possibility.


After a brief ritual to create sacred space, you share what’s happening for you and respond to the sharing of others. This openhearted sharing creates community and builds the container in which everyone’s journey work can deepen.


This is the heart of the Inner Wisdom Circle. I help you journey to that place deep within where you connect with your Inner Wisdom and discover the gifts of guidance and support that are waiting for you.


Once the journey segment of the workshop is complete, you share in the circle. This retelling enhances your experience:

  • Sharing the gifts you have received clarifies your insights and helps you more fully appreciate their value
  • Others may point out aspects you have overlooked.
  • You learn from the sharing of others as others benefit from the wisdom that comes through you


The Inner Wisdom Circle concludes with a brief ceremony of gratitude and appreciation to close the sacred space.

Join Now

I look forward to meeting and working with you in The Inner Wisdom Circle



PS: If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please email me or call: 610-935-9335.

Around campfires and in sacred spaces, groups such as this have met through the ages.
Today’s Inner Wisdom Circle takes place over the phone!

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