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Inner Wisdom

I grew up like you probably did, with no awareness whatsoever of my own Inner Wisdom. For me this changed dramatically and unexpectedly when I was about 30.

I was wrestling with a major life decision, plagued by doubt and uncertainty. Should I stay in Boston, where my life was great – good friends, excellent job, loved the city – or move to California to be with the man I loved? Suddenly, the awareness came to me with absolute clarity - the choice I must make became apparent. With this certainty, coming from within, all doubt dropped away. To learn the details of this story click here.

At that moment I experienced enormous relief. Not only did I know the path I must take, but, even more important, I had discovered an inner resource I knew I could trust to guide me. As is often the case when we trust our Inner Wisdom, the decision I made that day has shaped my life in ways I could not have imagined at the time.

Interactive Imagery

I came to Interactive Imagery with a great deal of resistance.

I first learned of it from Mel Bucholtz, a trusted friend and mentor. When Mel, a highly skilled hypnotherapist, told me that Interactive Imagery was simply the most powerful and effective approach he had ever encountered, I thought he’d gone off the deep end. The process sounded incredibly flakey to me. Besides that, it seemed a little scary. What if I encountered ugly things I didn’t particularly like while trying to connect with my inner wisdom? What if I went in there and never came out?

I smiled politely and murmured something to the effect of, “That sounds very interesting,” but inside I was saying, “Yeah, right. Definitely not for me!”

Through a series of circumstances that led to my feeling indebted to Mel, I ended up experiencing Interactive Imagery. It was far and away the most powerful experience of learning, healing and growth I’d known to that time. To put it simply, it knocked my socks off. To learn more about this epiphany, click here.

Since then Interactive Imagery has been my own path of learning, healing and growth, a deeply spiritual path. It is without a doubt the most powerful, precise, efficient and effective tool I know for helping both my psychology and life coaching clients transform their lives for the better. Thirty years later, I remain in awe of this process.

Through the first years, Interactive Imagery helped me heal old wounds, transform old maladaptive patterns and live a life of greater joy and satisfaction. As time has passed, the work has become more and more a gift of spiritual guidance. The awarenesses that come to me are not different from what I have read in books or heard in lectures. I feel these learnings, though, in a deeply personal and experiential way. I am so grateful for these gifts of Inner Wisdom. I feel so blessed.

Inner Wisdom Circle

Over the years, I have come to appreciate the value of doing imagery work in groups. Open hearted sharing creates a deep soul-level connection among group members. Work can go deeper held in the container that develops through everyone’s focus and support. The gifts of Inner Wisdom that come through each person’s journeys benefit all.

I do my own work in a group that has been meeting for over 20 years. I have been astonished at the closeness and loving connection that has developed over these years as we have lovingly witnessed all those incredible journeys– both the paths our lives have taken and the journeys that come through the imagery work.

A number of years ago I started recreating that closeness in a smaller way through ongoing workshops. When the same group of people comes together for several workshops over the course of a year, they enjoy these same benefits – a soul connection that develops over time through open hearted sharing, a deepening of the work through the strength of the group container and the gifts that come to all participants through the Inner Wisdom of each one.

And then a year or so ago, I began wondering: Could such closeness develop over the phone where people never see one other? Could people work successfully in a more time limited manner? Could I bring these wonderful benefits to a wider range of people?

And so, the Inner Wisdom Circle was born!

And here is the great news: the answer is yes, yes and yes!!!

I am so delighted with the Inner Wisdom Circle. I feel so blessed to join with people seeking deeper connection with Spirit, to witness the beauty of the journeys and to experience the love and support that grows among members over time.

It is my deep hope that you will join us in the Circle, so that you can enjoy these blessings, too.

Around campfires and in sacred spaces, groups such as this have met through the ages.
Today’s Inner Wisdom Circle takes place over the phone!
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