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The Personal Totem Pole Process ™ helps you connect with your Inner Wisdom as you interact with Spirit Guides from each of the seven chakras.

In a state of deep relaxation, you call forth a Guide from each chakra in turn. These guides often take the form of an animal, though they may sometimes appear as a person or a thing, such as a tree or a golden light.

Your chakra guides offer fresh perspective that helps you to deal better with the challenges in your life. They connect you with strengths you didn’t know that you have. They open you to unconditional love that can heal your relationship with yourself and with others.

As your relationship with your chakra guides deepens, you come to value and trust them more and more. You come to appreciate their power and beauty, and value the wisdom, guidance and support that have been waiting for you all this time there within. What a relief to know that there’s an inner resource you can turn to, one you can trust more than the one who’s been running the show!

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Around campfires and in sacred spaces, groups such as this have met through the ages.
Today’s Inner Wisdom Circle takes place over the phone!
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